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Wednesday, 13 September 2006
Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche


By Raylene Abbott


© 2006








The world is full of deep and dark problems.  There exist too many for one person to fix all alone. In fact if a person continues looking daily at the problems of the world it is very easy to get depressed and give up on life. Or a person can easily become an armchair critic and vent and complain about all the wrongdoings in life.


This is what happens to many people here on planet EARTH.  When you do not find your own niche in life you begin to give up hope. After you give up hope then anger will well up from deep inside of the belly. That anger needs an outlet. The mind needs something to do with it. When I say anger comes up from the belly it is because life is not fully digested. The liver has not done its work to eliminate the toxins and poisons. Or the liver has become overburdened with too many toxins and poisons. We are not able to digest our experiences fully.


Some steam needs to be released. It is important to have the right spiritual practice to deal with that repressed anger. Remaining passive does not work. Anger will just continue to accumulate. A person needs deep catharsis at this point to have a release.


But most people don't go in that direction. The average person does not have the tools to deal with anger. Instead, they let out a little steam at a time. They find something in life that is wrong and they vent that anger on the wrongdoing.  Pretty soon what you will find is a little venting is not enough for the catharsis a person truly needs. So then the venting turns fanatical.


The best thing we can do in this life is finding our life’s work. When we are doing our life’s work we become calmer and happier. We have found our niche in life. By living and working in our Universal Niche we can change the world and the people around us. Since we are spiritually in the right place, it becomes possible to affect many people. Like a pebble thrown into the pond, we can bring about far-reaching effect and our actions will ripple all the way to the other side of the shore.


Find your niche, which also should make you money. Then do that with all your heart. Your mind will become so absorbed in the creative act, you will forget the negativity of this world and you will be holding a positive space for this world to be a better place. Don't let your mind be swallowed by the negativity of this world. Create beauty. See the good in people. And do what you came here to do. And if you don't know what that is pray unceasingly until it is shown to you.



Kundalini Meditation by Osho is a very good practice to release supressed emotions like anger in a positive way.

Go to:


Also liver cleansing on a regular bases with the dried powder herbs dandelion and milk thistle will help not only clean your liver. But this combination also will smooth out anger emotions if it is used daily over for 3 weeks. My suggestion is 1 teaspoon in the morning with water and another teaspoon before going to bed.

Posted by lamoursacre at 4:04 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 13 September 2006 5:26 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 29 August 2006
Skillful Means

Skillful Means

By Raylene Abbott

     Skillful means is a Buddhist term. The meaning of the term includes the capacity of speaking your truth with eloquence and compassion. This is sometimes easier said then done. But if you are on the path of developing yourself into a compassionate human being, then skillful means is something we all need to cultivate.

     We all have relationships in life and the true spiritual test is not about how many mantras we say or how long we meditate. The true test is how we treat the people in our lives. Many times we are in relationships and we see the truth of someone else’s dilemma. However, it is the style of how we deliver our truth that determines if we can be efficient in helping another person.

     This is when you have to take a deep breath and determined the situation before you. You need to reflect on your own motivations for speaking your truth.  Sometimes people deliver the truth in such a way that it is hurtful and can cause deep emotional pain to another. We all have experienced this in our life one time or another, when the truth is used as a weapon. This type of truth speaking is often said in the heat of an argument.

     When truth is used without skillful means, it can create a rupture in relationships and both parties will be lost in reactivity.  All of us have experienced situations like this in communication with others.

     When we use the truth we have to temper it with loving compassion.  If we view another person’s suffering, and especially if that suffering starts to affect our own life, then we need to make some very clear decisions of how we are going to speak our truth. We are required to be like a skilled surgeon with a knife. We know that we have to perform a cut on the patient’s body so there can be ultimate healing. If we cut to deeply or to quickly the operation can be fatal.   This is when we have to calculate the incision we are going to make.  Now some people will not even want to have the operation. We will sum up their situation and realize they are not ready for the truth we have to deliver. In this case we walk away. This does not always work, because sometimes the relationship will call for you to say your truth and make your boundaries if you are being subjected to abusive behavior.

     What we all need to explore as we develop compassionate human behavior is how to say the truth so that it can be received and synthesized by another. If truth cannot be received and processed by another, then our words are lost in space.  The object of truth telling should be to bring healing to any given situation.

     When we remember that everyone before us is a mirror of some aspect of ourselves, then it is much easier to apply a dose of compassion with our truth speaking.  When we need to speak the truth to someone here are a few things to remember:

     Look for right timing. Do not blurt out the truth to make the other person lose face in a group of people. 

     Watch for the person to be in a receptive moment to receive the truth you want to share. If some one is not emotionally available in the moment your words will not fall into an open mind.  Also observe your tone of voice and the style of delivery.

     As I have said before this is easier said then done.  Sometimes in my own life I am looking for that perfect moment only to find I have suppressed my truth. And when it does come out it comes along with the emotions of suppression.

These are all stepping-stones on the journey of developing our compassion as we balance truth in our personal situations. May truth prevail but may we coat it with honey so it can go in smoothly.

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Posted by lamoursacre at 4:17 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 8 September 2006 12:04 AM PDT
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