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Welcome to the Power of Mantra. This work is expanding to many countries through the blessings of Facebook. This new medium of the Internet Connectivity has opened the doors for the teachings to be given to people no matter where they live. 

This has been a very exciting process  and has given the Work a broader platform to stand upon. Now there is a 9-month mantra program  “Rebirthing Yourself through Mantra”. This program makes available lectures from the monthly workshops, and mantra downloads for daily practice.  The teachings are presented on a regular basis on Facebook and Youtube so you can have an artistic experience while you are learning mantras.

These are exciting times: we are on the borders of cultures and countries, and separations between people are beginning to dissolve. We see a greater connectivity than at any other time in recorded history. So you are invited to read the blogs, enjoy the free downloads you will find on Facebook as we journey together into deeper Spiritual Growth through the Power of Mantra.


December 2009

Paris, France.


9 Month Online Meditation Course:

Rebirth yourself through Mantra

The Programs contains 9 30-day lessons that will be e-mailed to you at the beginning of each month. You will be given:

1 Daily Mantra Meditation Practice: These Mantras will be made available to you online for easy downloading. You may create a CD with the Mantras for singing along with us. If you do not know how to burn a CD from our downloaded files, let somebody help you to do this. Or transfer into your MP3 Player. We feel that you will benefit in your practice when you sing with us because you will join the power of our practice. To have maximum and consistent effect you are required to practice every day. 

2 Access to our audio lectures that are designed to support and deepen your spiritual growth.

3 Opportunity to ask up to 3 questions per month, concerning your practice or your life’s issues.

4 Instructions in the Yoga of Offerings

Payment is $50 per month in the U.S. and 50 Euros in Europe. This money can be deposited into a BofA account or you can use Paypal, whatever is simpler for you. 

Of course, you are not obliged to complete the course. You may stop at any time. However, we urge you to complete the course so that you can truly benefit from our teachings. It is equally important to understand that good spiritual practice takes time and dedication to bring forth the changes of transformation in your life.


Andreas Mamet has been on the spiritual journey since 1973 and was initially trained in Hatha Yoga, Mantra and Kriya Meditation. In 1975 he went to the Himalayas in India for six months. There he received further training from yogis in caves and ashrams at the Ganges and the Tibetan border. In 1976 he returned to India. For the next 5 years he continued to deepen his practice there.

In 1981 he toured Japan, the USA and Germany where he began to give his SHAKTI workshops that were aimed at sharing with participants what he calls “the opening of the inner space.”
He lived in Mount Shasta, CA, for 18 years. He met his wife Raylene in 1996 and now teaches with her in Europe, Japan and the U.S.A.

“When your inner space opens and expands to the point that you recognize other beings to exist within that same space, you have reached the beginning of substantial spiritual cultivation. From that point your relationship with “others” changes.”
Andreas Mamet